Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another month...another update :)

So, it's almost the end of April (shit, how fast does time fly!)...and as per what my family/friends requested (shorter updates), here goes:

1. Medicine: Dramas, dramas and more dramas. That's what it's about at the moment. Mental Health ended on a very interesting note - and there are some remnants are still being discussed between the medical school and I. Nothing too problematic. Apart from that, I'm nearly coming to the end of the General Practice rotation. This rotation has been absolutely stellar! I never thought of becoming a GP but this rotation has put the idea into my head. I must admit that the type of practice that I am has influenced my interests in the field. I'm at a GP clinic (that has 5 GPs) that looks at all the 'typical' (if there is such a thing) presentations that people have, along with sexual health (one of the few places in Brisbane that does gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender health), travel medicine and the like. The idea of taking a sexual history in 1st and 2nd year was a bit uncomforting but now I've no issues in talking about erectile dysfunction, abnormal periods and discharge. This rotation has been the first rotation whereby I've been doing quite a number of procedures like taking bloods, giving immunisations, doing pap smears, genital swabs, doing ECG (EKG for those of you in North America), and other system investigations.

2. Facebook: has taken my world by storm! I cannot believe how addictive that Web site is. I find that it feeds the voyeur within all of us (you can't deny it). There have been a number of people that I've reconnected with and some new people that I've met through friends (ie, we had mutual friends but never really talked one-on-one). I told myself that I need to have a few facebook-free days but that hasn't happened since I signed up for it in mid-March.

3. Car: I bought a car! It's a 1999 Toyota Corolla 5-door manual hatchback. Yes, a manual (I've always driven an automatic). It's awesome. I will post photos of the me and the car in the next week or so. :)

4. Other things: things have been quite dull (minus the few house boilings and debauchery that I usually get myself into); there is the May Ball (THE formal highlight of the med social calendar - and this year's theme is "A Night in Havana". I left my Cuban outfit in the other suitcase - damn!