Thursday, October 19, 2006

In PBL with Kim and Claire

Yes...I'm stuck in a room with two beautiful women. No, it's not the new porn film that i'm starring in. Kim was one of the hotties in my old PBL last year, and Claire is also one of the hotties of the year (I's crude but oh well).

4 weeks till exams and my moods have been quite erratic. There are moments where I'm extremely calm and thinking that I can put off studying for one more night. Then there are moments, where I'm extremely frazzled and have no clue as to where I need to start studying. I don't have a particular system at the moment and perhaps that is where the problem lies. I've started numerous different things this year but they've all been shit.

On the up side, I'm having a Diwali jamvanu (dinner in Gujju-che speak) on Saturday night and I can't wait! Heaps of people and the food to boot. I just wished that some (blood) family members could be here. It's times like this where I am lucky to have cultivated the family that I have here in Brisbane. I am eternally grateful to those wonderful people.

After the dinner, the only big thing that I've to look forward to is my trip with Annabelle, Claire and Nabila to South East Asia! I spend my idle time (which is quite a lot of time) pouring of Lonely Planet books to the region, reading about things to do and trying to imagine where the journey will take us. It does bring a smile to my face (that and passing my 2nd year exams).

Okay, on that note, I reckon that I should get back to the study.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another weekend, another headache

So, I last left right before selecting Year 3 clinical school/rotation preference. Well, I logged on fearing that there would be systems crash or something. However, I was surprised that the server remained strong. I put in my preferences (Southern Clinical Division starting on Mental Health rotation). Everyone in the room was able to put in their choices. We kept on refreshing the page to see how the spots were filling up. It was like watching a horse race and seeing which horse would cross the finish line. Rockhamptom Clinical School was filled up in almost 90 seconds! Leanne told us that that is faster than the tickets that sold out for the upcoming Kylie Minogue concert! I got home and Dave and Suz were up as well, talking to people on msn and mobile about the how things are going with regards to the preferences. Everyone is giving their commentary on what's happening and what to speculate for those people that decided that they were going to put in their preferences in the morning. Sadly enough, there were a few people that were in the boat. I bleieve that the SOM has fielded several questions regarding this and has increased the amount of spots for those division in Brisbane - Central and Southern, by 3 and 6 respsectively.

The Friday night was the last keg of 2007. It's a keg mainly for 4th years who had finished their last exam on Thursday. The 3rd years are still mid-rotation, the 1st years have their exams in 2 weeks and the 3rd years still have about 5 weeks until their exams. It was nice to see a big group of people out having a great time, not thinking about exam worries. Originally, I was only going to go for an hour. Leanne and I went to Hayley's pre-keg party and by the time that I left her place, I was already a bit tipsy. The keg went till about 10:30 and then they had buses that took us to this bar that was in a location that I've never been to in Brisbane. I found out that it was called Chalk. Interesting place, a place that I don't think that I would have picked out to go on a Friday night. The night got messier as it progressed. Leanne ended up staying over at my place, as her car was parked there. We got home around 1am and stayed up taking till about 4am. A night filled with many laughs, tears and the revelation that it is a privilege to be surrounded by good friends.

The next day was an absolute right off, as I developed a nasty cold. I know that it didn't help that my systems were working hard because of the alcohol shock the night before. I had planned on doing a full day of study but that quickly turned into a day of blowing my nose, taking some naps, and cleaning the house. That evening, I put on my fancy kurta/dhoti combination and heading out to Suncorp Piazza, as that's where the raas-garba for Sharad Poonam was being held. To take a little sidestep, a couple of weekends go, Navratri had started and I was adamant that I would have a better time this year. This year, I also knew more people which makes all the difference. I had a fantastic time! My feet are still covered in blisters, some of which are taking quite some time to heal. I met a 'Thanki' family, who were living in Kent, UK and have moved over here in 2003. No surprise whatsoever, they know who my parents are (not very well but we were able to trace how we know each other). It was a different connection that I've not had since being in Australia. Back to Sharad Poonam...I invited Param (who, as usual, always looks amazing beautiful) and she did a few rounds of garba with me. We didn't stay for the raas portion, as my feet were throbbing and a couple of the larger blisters had popped. So, we went across the road to the cinema and saw Step Up. Class film...class. If you like "Save the Last Dance", then I reckon that you'll like Step Up. Both Param and I were dancing in our seats or moving our heads to the music. After that finish, Param took her bus home and my bus never came. Instead, I headed towards the Valley (as that is just a short walk from my palce) and met up with Pam (another transplanted Indo-Canadian from Newfoundland who is in my year). We talked for a few hours and I headed off home. The weekend was filled with many great conversations that took friendships to a more intense level of commitment and sense of belonging. It never ceases to amaze me how I am able to be surrounded by such people that truly make me have a life worth living. For all of you that aren't in my physical presence, you are always in my thoughts. On that note, I'm going to drink a hot drink with paracetamol and lemon. Goodnight.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Twas the night before Year 3 Rotation Selection...

It's almost 11pm and I'm sitting with Annabelle, Claire, Kim, Leanne, and Lou.

We have to login in at midnight and select our Division. People are getting a bit tense and stressed about it all. We are essentially choosing where in Queensland we want to go (there are 4 Rural Sites - Rockhamptom, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay - Maryborough, and Toowoomba). If not choosing rural site, then we have to decide between Central or Southern placements. I've decided to go back to Southern - as I was a part of Southern in first year. Also, there are options of going to Brunei to do either GP, Medicine or Surgery (Rural Medicine, Surgery, Mental Health, General Practice, Medicine is the order of the rotations). Also, the Rural Medicine can be done in several different areas. I would love to be able to do it in Northern Territory, perhaps Alice Springs. I'm so excited about the idea of being in 3rd year.

Okay, I better get off this site so that I can get back to obsessively trying to refresh the Rotation Tracking System. I'll let you know how it goes...