Saturday, February 11, 2006

Crazy Currylingus...

Alright, Currylingus is my cousin (our respective mothers are sisters) and she has got to be one of the coolest people I know (and believe-you-me, I know a lot of people). She's ultra hip, modern, classy, has a fantastic wit, and a charm that puts most people to shame! (You can thank me later, Currylingus). I've always thought of her as my younger sister; in fact, she is born 1 year minus 2 days later than I. We are both bonafide leos........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :)

She dropped a tag on me, which essentially means that I have to do this. :)

4 Jobs: (most recent)
1. Researcher for one of my most favourite economic professors at University of Calgary. In fact, he is one of my mentors. I helped him to do some research on a paper that he was writing.

2. As a consultant for Health Canada, I had to create a complete document on all Canadian activity that was going on at the 2004 International AIDS Conference in Bankok, Thailand. I was also in charge of putting together cross-cultural awareness information along with information that Canadian delegates would need regarding the city, Thai culture and norms, and the logistics of the conference.

3. HIV/AIDS Lecturer (Kibera's Women's Help Group) - while working on my internship, I was also given some work in Kibera (Africa's largest slum) and discuss issues regarding HIV/AIDS and its effect on one's livelihood and outlook.

4. HIV/AIDS Programme Officer in Kenya - this was through a Canadian government internship. It was absolutely amazing; mainly did work in the field of home-based care and stigma & discrimination.

4 Movies (off the top of my head)

-Indiana Jones & Raiders of the Lost Ark (saw it last night with Liam)
-Usual Suspects (a classic & favourite film of mine)
-Syriana (saw it last night! pretty good)
-Black Stallion Returns (hey...don't knock it!)

4 Places I’ve Lived:

-Brisbane, Australia
-Nairobi, Kenya,
-Lija, Malta
-Calgary, Canada

4 TV Shows:

-Amazing Race
-Grey's Anatomy (hmm...if it were to return at some point)

4 Vacations (the most recent ones):

Calgary, Canada
Porbandar & Ahmedabad India
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Colombo, Sri Lanka

4 Foods:

-Pad Thai (can always tell judge a Thai restaurant by their Pad Thai)
-dhokla (had some last night...but mum's are better!)
-spinach and ricotta lasagne
-dolmades (I am sucker for antipasto)

4 Places I’d Rather Be:

-Macchu Pichu
-Great Barrier Reef
-Crestanello (the best Italian cafe I have been to anywhere - it's right across the street from the New York Public Library...I can't wait to taste you again in a few weeks!)
-At the gym (but alas anaemias and multiple myelomas are shouting at me!)

4 Sites: (yes...I'm being a nerd)

4 Bloggers with some meme-ingful work ahead:

Anita - you know that you are dying to do something like this...c'mon futafut!
Sheebykins - I want to hear about your HSMUN weekend!
Christine - yes, I know you are busy but consider this exercise a part of your commitment to your blog :)
Robo - have been chosen...

Okay...enough of the 'tagged' stuff. I do want to update this thing with regards to what happened this weekend and how life is going in general. The upcoming week is a hectic one and I do hope to provide myself with some therapy by typing away on this thing.